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"As a composer for film, video games, and TV, I always work closely with my clients to achieve a sound they clients, their vision - becomes my obsession."
David Lilly is a young and uprising composer aspiring for work in film, TV, and other various media such as video games and advertising. He is currently establishing a unique sound true to his own while writing for and working on various projects. David has a rich history in music, beginning with teaching himself classical piano at an early age. David has gone on to teach himself other various instruments while continuing his music studies. While beginning as a classical pianist, David focused on music for piano performance, including several piano sonatas by the age of 15. Over the years since he began to take an interest in and incorporate music from nearly every genre into his style. He recently composed, recorded, and produced "Travels", a full length ambient/electronica album under his independent instrumental project "Arbor Town." Blending rich textures of acoustic piano, guitar, and a unique variety of instruments with electronics, "Travels" reflected the emotions of mother nature and it's inspiration. His composition skills have developed to the point where he has become extremely flexible in his writing style, with the ability to adapt to a wide range of projects. David takes pride in every project that comes his way, often immersing himself into the style of music necessary for an upcoming project. Each project becomes his temporary obsession as he works tirelessly to achieve the sound  his clients envision. Whether it ranges from an orchestral, electronic, abstract, or an ambient feel that is desired- David draws up a unique sound palette and score for every project that comes his way.


Original composition for...

    • Video games
    • Film
    • Trailers
    • TV and advertisement


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